Beauty: The Eye of the Beholder

“Embrace it too and learn to love it”

Just one out of eight women considers themselves as “beautiful”. 49.6%  of our entire world population is made up of women and girls alike and, according to the Dove Beauty Campaign, only 4% of this population of women consider themselves as “attractive”. 72% feel pressure, both internally and externally, to change in order to fit in with the “beautiful women of the world”. Furthermore, 45% believe that they need to be more attractive in physical areas of their body in order to be able to compete for greater opportunities in the line of work.

But what is the point of writing out a couple of statistics that most think are unrealistic anyway? And I can fall into this category of people too. Lectures after lectures on the percentages, stats and numbers of how women feel about not only their bodies, but about their personalities too, constantly bombard us on a daily basis. But why is it that, after given these statistics and talking to’s, women still do not see themselves as beautiful?

We’re told to love ourselves in every way, embracing those extra long legs, those slightly sticking out ears, and those rolls of dormant muscle situated on the belly and bottom region. But why is it so difficult to truly embrace these wonderful things about ourselves? Maybe I am the only one who, although loving myself, avoids the mirror in the light and the words “I am beautiful”.

So, as a challenge to myself, and all of those who read the percentages, stats and numbers, but just can’t embrace the words of encouragement; I challenge you to tell yourself that you are beautiful. Not because someone mentioned it before, or because you read it in a magazine. Or that I am telling you to. Tell yourself because you deserve to hear it from the sound of your own voice.

I embrace your extra long legs, those slightly sticking out ears and those lovely rolls of dormant muscle situated wherever it desires to be.

Embrace it too and learn to love it.



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